Thursday, August 16, 2007

Copper Mesh Book Pages

We have been working on copper mesh books at my local art group. Thanks to Karen Campbell and Terry Ross for all of their help on this project. I love history and tend to go for browns and earthy tones in all my work. I also wanted to do something inspirational. After doing some research on the internet, I decided to model my book after psalters and book of hours. Both were used in the middle ages as prayer books: The illuminations are beautiful and most of them had more color than I chose to add in mine.


Carolyn said...

Darcy, You're pages are wonderful!

Karen Campbell said...

Wow ... this is just gorgeous, Darcy! I hope you bring the completed book to show us ... this looks just amazing!!

jan b. said...

Hooray! I love being able to keep up with my former art group friends. And envious that I'm not there to absorb the inspiration from you and the others. Having seen your work, I just know that this copper mesh book is nothing short of wonderful.

jan in ohio

Val F. said...

Hey Darcy, congrats on your new blog. It's great. (Hopefully it will inspire me to finally do my own blog.)

I love these book pages you've done. They are beautiful and inspirational. Can't wait to see your completed melange book.
I'm glad I turned you on to rusting paper while you were working on this book. You've done some great rusted pieces. And the copper mesh looks oh so cool!