Thursday, August 16, 2007

More Copper Mesh Pages

All of these pages were done with copper mesh, except for the top two. The second is done with old window screen and the first one was done on..................RUSTED Paper (see August 15th's post). I coated the paper with polymer medium so the rust wouldn't migrate to the next page and then stamped and embossed images using Opal embossing powder. The blue was a little bright for this project so I rubbed black paint into it. The fourth picture down is a transparency of Salvador Dali's painting of the crucifiction. I tried to get the flash from reflecting with no luck. Look here for a better picture: . I thought his interpretation was very moving. When you look at the the fourth picture down, notice the pieces of copper extending from the transparency with the cool blue patina. How did I get that cool blue color you might ask...... stay tuned!


Laurie said...

very cool! The pages are really inspiring; I don't know how you people think of these things!

Laurie said...

Here's my blog: